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So what’s it like to live in Seoul, a vibrant city with the urban population of over ten million? Although I’ve lived previously in Seoul during my adolescent years, I was too young (or, for lack of a better word, apathetic) to cherish any valuable memories as a child. The few recollections of Korea I still have are squat toilets and… people. Lots of people.

A little about me: I’m Minsuk (Andrew) Noh, and I’m a typical University student currently residing in Alberta, Canada. I was originally born in Seoul, but lived most of my life in Lethbridge ever since my family immigrated to Canada in 2001. My interests and hobbies include listening to music, practicing Tae Kwon-Do and hanging out with my buddies. Sounds typical, doesn’t it?

Yep. Just a typical day in Seoul.

So why am I so interested in Seoul? I was, by accident via YouTube, exposed to Korean mainstream music last summer and subsequently gained strong interest in Korean culture. Although I was raised in a Korean family, I was relatively unfamiliar with the Korean lifestyle as I spent most of my life in North America. I shortly begun to follow various Korean-related blogs and websites such as The Grand Narrative and allkpop and consumed more kimchi in order to feed my Korean cravings. Time flew by as I learned more and more about Korean culture and music, and my desire to visit Korea increased exponentially. I eventually convinced myself to apply for a summer exchange program offered by Yonsei university in Seoul.

Yonsei students. I hope to be as happy as the guy on the right.

My journey to Korea begins June 10 as I will fly over to Korea and stay there for a little less than 2 months. By actively updating this travel blog with my adventures in Korea, I hope to inspire others to learn more about Korea and create a valuable and cherishing memory in Korea.

Written by Minsuk

May 22, 2010 at 6:38 am

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