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[05.14.10] Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-Rae Attends Fan Signing Event

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[NewsEn Reporter: Park Saeyon]

“Hip-hop couple” Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-Rae attended a fan signing event together.

The fan signing event was held in the afternoon of May 16th at AK Mall’s suwon station where the fans had the opportunity to meet Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-Rae.

Currently active as exclusive models for the global media PC company called Moneual, the two visited the Moneual shop subsequently following their fan meeting.

Moneual representative stated, “This particular fan signing event was planned as part of our event to show appreciation for our customers… In addition to their unique individuality, the couple’s natural and happy lifestyle is surely providing a bright image for Moneual.”

Source: NewsEn

Check out the hip-hop duo’s 30 second CF here!

Written by Minsuk

May 23, 2010 at 1:19 pm

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